26 October, 2022

Self-disruption is needed for the new era of distribution

The Distribution segment is in front of a series of new challenges, which are being introduced by a number of new players that have risen in the last years in the consumer sector and have already begun their expansion into the B2B realm.

The main differentiation that most players coming from the B2C segment bring to the table is the optimized distribution network and strong sales teams, touting products and services that till now tend to avoid due to the lack of technical expertise or because of the longer sale cycle. By building big sales teams and using advanced algorithms that predict the customers’ needs, the new digital players are entering an area that was the realm of distributors for many years.

In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey among 3500 decision-makers, the outcome shows that distributors across Europe are not as proactive as those in the USA in increasing their investments in new technologies such as e-commerce platforms to compete with the experience that the new digital players are offering to customers.

The question traditional distributors should be asking is how they can disrupt themselves to keep pace. No matter what strategy is pursued, the winners will galvanize their workforce to create a more innovative culture with a relentless focus on their customers.

That is the case with Info Quest Technologies. Standing on a tradition of over 40 years, we have made all the necessary moves to be first on the new era of disruption and, at the same time, help our partners and customers. We are working hard to create a tangible commercial differentiation, investing in technology, supply chain, and added value.

We have built a unique portfolio of innovative products and services that can handle all the unique needs and address customers’ pain points and are being offered to our partners to build their unique offerings.

Offering a multitude of SKUs to thousands of clients, we have gathered significant volumes of data that we can process with analytics, machine learning, and our personnel’s unique experience to gain valuable insights. This way, we can offer our partners ways to achieve profitable growth, providing them with the solutions that customers need and are willing to pay for.