The business value of Microsoft 365 Copilot
As an advanced tool in the current rapidly changing business environment, Copilot can be applied in organizations to raise their efficiency, creativity, and productivity levels. This AI-powered buddy works together with a business's organizational data,…
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Performance management redefined
Performance management in the business field has evolved to be a procedure with conflicting goals…
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8 February, 2024
How AI transforms KPIs
The role of KPIs in a modern-day business market is not debatable. Therefore, KPIs act…
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14 December, 2023
Leveraging AI for Sustainability in the Tech Industry
Sustainability has become an important part of life in the fast-developing technology world, and AI…
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22 November, 2023
Data analytics drive innovation in the industry
In the contemporary data-driven era, organizations are utilizing the power of big data and analytics…
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28 September, 2023
Harnessing the Power of Hybrid Cloud for Application Modernization
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations are seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of…
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28 June, 2023
Unleashing the True Potential of ESG: Beyond Sustainability and Reporting
The term “ESG” has become somewhat of an enigma, often confused with sustainability or mere…
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24 May, 2023
Be productive on the road with an abundance of power
We are living in the time of the "remote"; the cutting of the umbilical cord…
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15 May, 2023
Sustainability Plan
Why Every Company Needs a Business Sustainability Plan
Increasing risks derived from climate change, social issues, such as inclusion and diversity,  human rights…
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15 July, 2024
EU AI Act: 7 key principles
Recently, the European Council adopted the EU AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI law.
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4 July, 2024
Cybersecurity in the commercial enterprise sector
Cyber-attacks are on the rise and as a result, many businesses are procuring solutions to…
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17 June, 2024
intelligent buildings
From the Smart Building to the Intelligent Building
Climate change and the need for sustainable development has brought into focus the promising solution…
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10 June, 2024
How AI is a Core Component of Modern Business
Nowadays, artificial intelligence is an important tool that reshapes and optimizes business operations. Several businesses,…
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7 June, 2024
Women Leadership
Breaking Barriers: Paving the Way for Women in Leadership Roles
Nowadays, more and more women are reaching the top of the leadership. This achievement, however,…
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16 May, 2024