15 May, 2023

Be productive on the road with an abundance of power

We are living in the time of the “remote”; the cutting of the umbilical cord between the workplace and the worker. Remote work has only recently become the norm and now there is ample real-world data on the effects – but also side effects – of the worker working from afar. Most importantly, there was proof that a worker does not have to be present to be productive, quite the contrary, in fact. Remote work can be beneficial in many ways, but there are caveats. Here are some tips for you, the aspiring remote worker!

• Look before you leap

Plainly, know what you’re getting yourself into. The internet is replete with experiences of people who have already made the transition. While working from home – or anywhere – can seem romantic, there are inherent difficulties that must be overcome. Read about them and prepare solutions.

• Communication is everything

The very thing that makes remote work possible is communication. The world of today is one of unencumbered communication, the tools exist and are mature, therefore you have to take advantage of all of them. Keep in regular contact with your clients and co-workers, ask for feedback and don’t forget to use Zoom, Teams, or Meet to do face-to-face meetings.

• Home is your anchor

Being on the move can be exciting, but also perilous. Your home is your anchor to the real world. Want it or not, we humans are social animals, reliant on relationships. Don’t forget to keep in regular contact with your family and friends back home, maintain your relationships with them, and don’t get carried away. Your family and friends can be your safe haven when things get rough.

• You are as strong as your Wi-Fi

The internet is your gateway to your work and clients. Make sure your place of residence has a strong and stable connection to it, so that you can attend on-line meetings, make video calls, and log in to your work’s systems unencumbered. Talk to others who have stayed there, talk to the proprietors, and ensure that your connection is up to the task. Moreover, check the availability of data plans and mobile carriers; having a fall-back plan in the form of your cell phone is strongly recommended.

• Keep a tight schedule

Being on the move can make your life chaotic. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you still have to work, when you’re living the life of the globetrotter. Try to adhere to a strict work schedule; it won’t be easy, especially if you’re traversing time zones regularly, but you just have to muscle through.

• Online networking can help

You’re not alone in this endeavour. There are others like you, and there are on-line hangouts that connect them. Learn about these digital spaces and you’ll have the opportunity to be a member of a community, share experiences and tips, and even forge friendships with like-minded people.

• Power is power

The connection to the outside world comes from your devices. Make sure you keep them charged and powered whilst working. The last thing you want is to run out of power when you have to work. Portable power stations and power banks are elemental to your success.

• Jet lag is real

Don’t overestimate your ability to work after a long flight, or too soon after a drive. Take into account the time your body needs to reacclimate itself to the new conditions and don’t fill your schedule up with meetings or deadlines in your first week in a new location.

• It’s not a vacation

The freedom of remote work is very appealing. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a golden ticket to a perpetual vacation. You’re still working, you just get to see other places in your free time! Yes, you can (and probably will) have incredible experiences, meet interesting people, visit beautiful places. Just don’t expect to kickback and chillax by the poolside 24/7. It’s still work! The uncoupling of the work from the workplace is entirely possible. Lots of people have done it, by simply staying at home after the pandemic ended. This is largely a first in the history of work, and now we have the necessary information to do it the right way. Now, you do too!