28 June, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Hybrid Cloud for Application Modernization

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations are seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. One such approach gaining traction is application modernization through hybrid cloud. This strategy leverages the best of both worlds, combining the processing power, security, and reliability of mainframes with the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability of cloud environments.

Businesses’ operational requirements change as they grow and develop. Nearly 70% of top companies expect their operations to involve specialized combinations of computing and data environments within the following three years, including edge computing, on-premises data centers, mainframes, private clouds, and public clouds. Four out of five executives recognize the urgent need to quickly adopt a more open systems approach and upgrade mainframe-based programs to successfully navigate this shift.

The challenge lies in integrating mainframe operations with cloud-based applications and processes in a way that allows seamless data sharing and peak performance. Modernizing mainframe-based applications is a crucial part of a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy. It allows deployment of cloud-native applications on the mainframe, creating a unified environment that aligns workloads and interfaces with the most appropriate computing platform.

Legacy mainframe applications, often created using waterfall development processes, were not designed to support the agility, adaptability, and innovation required today. It’s essential to update current programs and integrate them with new applications through a hybrid cloud architecture to stay up with the constantly shifting needs of company.

Organizations have three potential paths to achieve this aim: maintaining the status quo, rearchitecting infrastructure, or optimizing assets through modernization. The latter approach leverages existing mainframe assets and builds new cloud-based applications as part of a holistic digital transformation strategy across the mainframe and cloud.  

Hybrid cloud serves as the foundation for comprehensive transformation. It facilitates the alignment of workloads and interfaces with their most appropriate environment from a technical, strategic, and regulatory perspective. It not only helps alleviate cost challenges but also drives better business outcomes through improved agility and reduced risk.

However, a retiring workforce has resulted in a mainframe skills gap, creating a key concern for executives. Organizations can redress this skills challenge by focusing on initiatives to identify and train new hires, developing mixed-language application components, adopting modern languages and processes, and creating an open development environment to attract new talent.

In conclusion, application modernization through hybrid cloud is a powerful strategy that can help organizations optimize their portfolio, mitigate risk, and accelerate market delivery. By leveraging the strengths of both mainframes and cloud technology, businesses can stay competitive in the digital age.