27 February, 2024

The business value of Microsoft 365 Copilot

As an advanced tool in the current rapidly changing business environment, Copilot can be applied in organizations to raise their efficiency, creativity, and productivity levels. This AI-powered buddy works together with a business’s organizational data, and it uses large language models (LLMs).

In recent research by Forrester, a strong business case is recommended for adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot, with the premise that it can significantly lower costs while improving both productivity and innovative possibilities. Copilot’s merging into the routine business processes boosts performance by improving code quality for developers and facilitating more efficient information discovery and management.

Business leaders are capitalizing on Copilot in groundbreaking ways which are producing extensive results. The first users mentioned significant upgrades of the productivity and efficiency, like automating repetitive tasks, which enables the employees to be more strategic. More specifically, they have seen significant gains in the following sectors:

Boosting Productivity and Accuracy: Copilot also goes beyond auto-completion feature. It is very smart and knowing your next step; it offers alternatives for emails, documents, presentations or even the code. Studies have also found a 20% decline in the time spent on composing emails and a 10% increase in the accuracy, thus time saved can be used effectively and reduces errors. This in return enables the team to concentrate on the strategic rather than the trivial.

Empowering Everyone, Regardless of Expertise: Frequently, the new employees must undergo long training before they become productive. Copilot can be thought of as their own personal tutor who walks them through each task one step at a time, providing the needed information as they progress. Senior professionals can also ask Copilot to teach them new functionalities and enhance their expertise to some extent. This leads to the formation of a nimbler and more responsive workforce.

Unveiling Hidden Insights: The huge benefit of Copilot for business analytics can be found in the detailed insights that it offers into the outcome of its operations, and thus, its efficiency and productivity. Such data-driven approach serves the purpose of organizations to measure the return on investment of the Copilot and of course, to refine a strategy for maximum results.

Breaking Down Language Barriers: Cultural collaboration may be limited by language barriers. Copilot fills the gap by translating emails, documents, and slides to over 70 languages in real time. This creates an inclusive teamwork and the empowerment of diverse voices in your organization will eventually result in more fruitful cooperation and inspiring results. This is not just hype, this is a breakthrough that is going to change the way businesses work.