Sustainability Plan
Why Every Company Needs a Business Sustainability Plan
Increasing risks derived from climate change, social issues, such as inclusion and diversity,  human rights and data privacy, or compliance,  have made sustainability an integral part of a business resilience strategy. All organizations, without exception,…
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EU AI Act: 7 key principles
Recently, the European Council adopted the EU AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI law.
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4 July, 2024
intelligent buildings
From the Smart Building to the Intelligent Building
Climate change and the need for sustainable development has brought into focus the promising solution…
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10 June, 2024
How AI is a Core Component of Modern Business
Nowadays, artificial intelligence is an important tool that reshapes and optimizes business operations. Several businesses,…
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7 June, 2024
Women Leadership
Breaking Barriers: Paving the Way for Women in Leadership Roles
Nowadays, more and more women are reaching the top of the leadership. This achievement, however,…
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16 May, 2024
ai in the enterprise
Leading Through AI Transformation
AI is the new reality and executives need to adapt to what it offers. Here…
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13 May, 2024
Performance management redefined
Performance management in the business field has evolved to be a procedure with conflicting goals…
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8 February, 2024